Untitled (50 Sentence Prompts)
1. Candlelit- Piandao often questioned Jeong Jeong's obsession with candles; for someone who hated being a fire bender, the hermit seemed to love being surrounded by flickering flames.

2. Dress up- "I am not wearing that to bed, Piandao."

3. Journey- The thrill of adventuring never wore off, especially not when one was allowed to fight side-by-side with a close friend.

4. Two's company- In the end, all either of them wanted was someone to hold at night and tell them everything was going to be alright.

5. Take my chances- Maybe it wasn't a good idea to kiss a ranting fire bender, but Piandao thought he would risk it.

6. Secret admirer- Jeong Jeong could have sworn someone was constantly watching him; Pakku suggested he was simply paranoid.

7. Jealousy- At first, Piandao was jealous of the fact that Jeong Jeong was a fire bending master, something his parents had wanted him to be.

8. Fairytale- Piandao would have slew dragons to be with Jeong Jeong; on some days, however, it seemed as if Jeong Jeong himself played the part of the dragon.

9. The little things- There were few things better than sitting and having tea with the sword master.

10. Awkward- The conversation became awkward when Jeong Jeong casually commented on how cuddly Piandao was; it became more so when the rest of the Order burst out into laughter as he tried to explain how he knew it.

11. Safe- Even though he was still bitter over what had happened in the past, Jeong Jeong was glad to see that Piandao was safe after all these years.

12. Goofing off- "Now that Master Jeong Jeong and Master Piandao have finally decided to join us, we can begin discussing business."

13. Wings- It was surreal to see Jeong Jeong gliding gracefully through the sky like a noble hawkowl that had mastered use of it's wings.

14. Trust- They had a silent, mutual trust that, no matter what, they would watch out for each other.

15. Destiny- Grand Lotus Iroh always said that destiny was a funny thing; Piandao found it hard to argue with that statement.

16. Home- After the war was over, Piandao made it his personal mission to convince Jeong Jeong to move into his castle.

17. Heartache- (Possible Spoiler for an unwritten chapter of Tempered Steel) Nothing hurt him more than when Piandao told him he was returning to the Fire Nation.

18. Obstacle- Getting over their trust issues proved to be more difficult than anticipated.

19. Seasons- Spring was a time for fresh starts and new beginnings; Piandao thought he'd follow nature's cue.

20. Artwork- Piandao spent hours everyday capturing the beauty of nature on paper; it was one of his favorite hobbies.

21. Love letter- After finding a letter that effectively scarred him for life, Sokka swore to never snoop around Piandao's room again.

22. Bloom- Their affair proved to be like a flower: once it blossomed, it was a beautiful thing to behold but it didn't take long for it to begin to wilt and die.

23. Opposites- Jeong Jeong would declare his desire to be a water bender to anyone who tried to hold a conversation with him, whether they wanted to hear the rant or not.

24. Catch me- "Don't be so afraid of falling in love; I promise I'll be here to catch you."

25. Lazy- (Prequel to #12) The Grand Lotus had scheduled a meeting for that morning, but Piandao just wanted to keep laying there with Jeong Jeong nestled in his arms; they would only be a few minutes late…

26. Unexpected- He had to admit that he was surprised by the faint muttering of, "Just be glad I love you…"

27. Quarrel- "For the last time: sex is not destruction- or a burden!"

28. Gift- (Related to #1) Even though he didn't understand the obsession, Piandao was sure to stock up on candles every time he went into town.

29. Flirt- Piandao taught Sokka the way of the sword; Sokka, in return, taught Piandao proper flirtation techniques.

30. Old-fashioned- Many people couldn't understand why they chose to play Pai Sho; then again, they didn't realize the deeper meaning in each of the moves.

31. Freefall- (Related to #24) Though it wasn't likely he'd admit to it, but letting someone catch him wasn't so bad.

32. Caress- "You have three seconds to move your hand before I set it on fire."

33. Games- Trying to catch Jeong Jeong was like a game of catfox-and-mouse shrew; it was only through sheer determination that Piandao was able to track him.

34. Entwined- Jeong Jeong turned his head and scoffed as Piandao took his hand, but the sword master caught a glimpse of the slight smile that formed afterwards.

35. Spellbinding- The way Piandao moved so fluidly in battle was mesmerizing; Jeong Jeong hated that he couldn't look away.

36. Tangled- The tale of his desertion was a mess of rumors and lies delivered as truth and that was what made him a legend.

37. Here and now- Some lived in the past, others for the future; Piandao merely wanted to make each moment matter as they occurred.

38. Colors- Jeong Jeong never told anyone the reason he disliked sunsets; to him, it looked like someone had set the sky on fire.

39. Don't cry- He had seen so many people die, comrades and enemies alike, but this funeral was more than he could handle; he only hoped he could keep the tears at bay until he was alone at home.

40. Selfless- Members of the Order were required to show a level of selflessness, but, in reality, all of them had one thing they selfishly kept to themselves.

41. Change of heart- (Follow-up to #2) "Fine, I'll wear it… but you had better make it worth my time!"

42. Sanctity- Their bickering ended when Pakku commented on how much they sounded like a married couple.

43. Carry- It was a sign of trust when Piandao let someone hold his favorite sword; it was a true honor if he let anyone carry it.

44. Hereafter- (Follow up to #39) He managed to make it home- if he could even dare call it that now- before he broke down; he silently prayed he wasn't being watched from the Spirit World.

45. Whisper- Quiet exchanges around a camp fire proved to be a common place between the two; they would often sacrifice sleep for careless whispers in the dark.

46. Patience- Jeong Jeong understood the importance of patience; he had seen the destruction caused by those who refused to wait.

47. I'll be there- One sentence, less than ten words, was all Piandao needed to go running to the Earth Kingdom.

48. Tomorrow's another day- He let out a sigh as he trudged to the guestroom, once again being kicked out of his bedroom; oh well, there was always tomorrow…

49. The one- He denied it fervently, but there wasn't anyone else for him.

50. Yin Yang- They sat back-to-back; the black topknot contrasted greatly against the ash white hair.