Piandao listened as Pakku explained the duties of being in Order of the White Lotus to a new recruit in a bored monotone voice. Piandao's eyes grew heavy and his head began to nod.

Pakku nudged the swordsman, to wake him. He glared at Piandao as if he committed the worst crime ever: disrespecting him.

"Sorry," Piandao yawned, interrupting Pakku's spiel. "You sounded like you were reading the charter word for word."

"That's because I was," Pakku replied proudly. He had excellent memorization skills.

"Figures," replied Piandao.

"What do you mean by that" the water bending master asked grumpily.

Piandao rolled his eyes, "I've never seen you stray one inch away from the traditional ways."

"And what's wrong with tradition"

"Nothing," Piandao replied. "I tend to follow it myself, but to be successful it's essential to have some innovation. It's easy to study and defeat someone if they never change their style."

The man had a point.

"I can innovative when I want to be," the water bending master stated.

"Name one time."

After about ten minutes of silence, Piandao decided he wasn't going to get an answer. He mounted his eel hound and got ready to head home when he noticed Pakku climbing on the beast behind him.

"What are you doing"

"Proving you wrong," replied Pakku.

"That more spontaneous than innovative," the swordsman commented with a smile.

"I haven't done anything just yet," Pakku replied with a self-assured grin.