The Forbidden Tile

"That's enough!" Pakku screamed.

The Order of the White Lotus meetings used to be Pakku's favorite event. He enjoyed taking a break from training, but that was before the war ended. But now that the war was over, things had changed. No longer was finding peace for the world the highest priority. Bumi and Piandao both pursued another interest, Jeong Jeong.

During most of the recent meetings Jeong Jeong didn't even attend. The way Pakku saw it there was no reason for the two to fight over the fire bender. Their constant bickering drove the water bending master mad. He was constantly frustrated and a little jealous.

"Can you two settle this in a way that's quiet and peaceful" asked Pakku. He just wanted to relax during his vacation.

Piandao nodded in agreement.

"We should have an earth bending battle," Bumi suggested innocently, but not fooling anyone.

"That's as fair as me asking for a sword duel."

Pakku rubbed his head in frustration. There was no winning with those two. He needed to find a way to get them to at least be quiet about their rivalry.

"We need to set a good example for the world," Pakku explained. "Why don't you two play Pai Sho" You both know the rules. It's fair, and peaceful, and best of all quiet!"

Pakku watched as his fellow members sat down at the Pai Sho table. Both their faces wore serious expressions. Clearly both of the men were determined to win. He had never seen such an intense game before. He finally got what he wanted, peace and quiet. He joyfully skipped back to his mat to relax.

But the silence didn't last long. It was broken by an argument regarding the legality of a particular move. It was a stupid fight, the rules of Pai Sho were fairly simple and there was no reason to debate. There was clearly no winning with the two when they were like this.

Pakku should have better than to have gotten involved. His knew efforts were useless; after all it was Bumi, the most immature person he knew. He closed his eye in an attempt to tune them out. He tried and tried but then Piandao began to shout for assistance. For some reason Pakku couldn't resist Piandao's call.

"What's going on" Pakku huffed.

"He's using a banned tile," Piandao explained as he pointed at the rare tile in Bumi's hand.

Pakku put his hand out to collect the unfamiliar tile from the oldest member of the order.

He examined it for several moments in a tense silence. He quickly left to find investigate this tile and resolve the issue.

"You only called him over because you knew he would side with you," joked Bumi.

"I-I-I asked him for help because he's fair," Piandao protested, embarassed.

"Sure," snorted the old earth bender.

Pakku returned just as Piandao was so angry with Bumi smoke was coming out of his ears. The water bender looked more annoyed than before.

"The tile has been illegal longer than you've been alive," Pakku scolded Bumi. "Can you guys just finish the game quietly"

"You know it's a very important match," Piandao replied. "But we'll try."

Pakku rolled his eyes. Jeong Jeong just wasn't worth all the fuss in his eyes.

Bumi nudged Piandao and smiled, "I told you so."