The Eel Hound and the Princess

None of this would have happened if he had only listened to Jeong Jeong.

But he didn't. So now he stood in front of a judge. He was mangled, his clothes were ripped and he was being charged with a crime. They accused him of breaking Princess Azula out of the asylum. Piandao felt that his reputation would help him; he had helped save the world after all. Everyone knew Azula was cruel and insane.

Although through the experience, Paindao felt like he had somewhat very oddly bonded with the Fire Nation Princess. He had survived the ordeal without a single burn even, which was unheard of. Perhaps she had confused him for a friend, she was fairly unstable; youngsters nowadays seem to have weird ways of showing affection.

The judged quickly shuffled through the file on Piandao. He smiled. It sounded like a "copycat" crime case and those were always swift. He would be able to go home early tonight.

"Okay, it looks like your crime was a failed attempted at a copy-cat crime," The judged explained with an edge to his voice. "Except for a few details, it would match perfectly. But you are not the Blue Spirit and that Princess Azula is not Avatar Aang and that the Asylum is not Zhao's fortress."

"Copycat crime" Piandao asked, unsure of what that even meant. "I have committed no crime."

"Oh I see," the judge grumbled. "Then is she a love interest" Maybe you thought you'd be her 'Blue Spirit'" There's no real difference, if you are just her lover instead of wanting her to regain your honor."

"No!" shouted Piandao with a bewildered expression.

Piandao had heard that after the Blue Spirit incident there were a lot of problems in the courts, but he didn't realize it had gotten to be this bad.

"Then what" asked the frustrated judge.

"I was her hostage," replied Piandao humbly.

"Seriously" Do I look like some fool" accused the judged. "How does prisoner take an outsider captive"

"It all started when I got lost on my way to see my colleague Jeong Jeong," Piandao explained. "I stopped my Eel hound to look at my map."

"An Eel Hound in the fire nation" the judge asked as he raised an eyebrow. "Everyone knows that Eel Hounds are deathly afraid of fire. What's next" Are you going to tell me an owl told you to free her"

"No sir. What happened next was that a rebellious child decided to burn the rear of my mount. My Eel Hound panicked, I couldn't regain control of it, and it charged the asylum, knocking me out in the process," Piandao continued. "When I came to I found myself on the back of my mount and I didn't know what was going on until I saw Azula. She told me that she was escaping, and that if I wanted to live I needed to obey her. I think she had been using me to control the beast. Eel Hounds are very loyal and have an excellent sense of smell."

"Were you even chained up" the judge asked. "Or physically restrained in any way"

"No I wasn't," Piandao replied.

The Judge rolled his eyes. He was doomed to spend the rest of his evening listening to this man babble on and on spouting lies. Perhaps he could find a loophole to get himself out. Because the man was accused to trying to free the Princess Azula, maybe Fire Lord Zuko should have to take the case. But that would not have been a good move politically; Zuko would be annoyed at his time being wasted.