The Bond

Piandao could sense Iroh was uneasy. It was particular difficult for Iroh to ask for help, especially from the swordsman. They had their differences – especially compared to the other members of the White Lotus.

"Grand Lotus," Piandao greeted Iroh with a welcoming tone. "How can I be at assistance""

"I need a change," Iroh hesitantly stated. "My love-life has been nothing but disappointing. Taking up painting is what I need."

Piandao grinned slyly at the old general. There had always been a lot of talk amongst the other White Lotus members on when Iroh would finally come around, if he ever would. Piandao knew that this was a very delicate situation and if he moved too fast it would scare the Fire Nation Prince away. He didn't want to do that.

He placed a piece of parchment on the table in front of Iroh. The Grand Lotus picked up one of the brushes and waited for instruction. But instead of words, Piandao pressed his body against Iroh's and wrapped his arms around the Fire Nation Prince's. It was easier to guide a student's movements that way.

"Let's begin," Piandao whispered.

Iroh could feel Piandao's breath upon his neck. Normally that would make him feel uncomfortable, but it didn't this time. He was sure it was because of the bond they shared as White Lotus members.