Blend In

The Earth Kingdom was a fascinating place to the well-known Fire Nation swordsman. The people of the kingdom reminded him of one of his racks of weapons. It was the rack that never seemed to be touched by any of his students. Each weapon was unique in design, but oddly it seemed to fit with the others. In the Earth Kingdom it didn’t matter what weapon you wield, or what you looked like, people seemed opened as long as you show respect.

Every single potential student who came to him came only with one thing on their mind, to learn the techniques of the long sword. It made sense since it was his forte. Many lacked the ambition to want to learn it properly. It seemed about half just want to learn because their father was skilled in the weapon, or their father’s father was. He rejected those students because it would have been poor judgment for him to teach them. It is impossible to teach someone a skill they don’t have any passion for.

He always delighted when a meeting was called for the Order of the White Lotus. At last he had a reason to get away from the madness of his training facility. He always thought the Earth Kingdom was the perfect location for those meeting because of the great diversity among the citizens, he blended in well. He enjoyed pretending to be someone else. Instead of carrying his long sword with him, he would always grab a blunt or piercing weapon for kicks.