Ten for Ten
June massaged her hand under the table and said, "I just let you win to be nice."

"You know, I think you and I would work together much better if you just kept the shirt off."

Piandao said she couldn't do it knowing perfectly well that she would and exceed his expectations just to spite him.

"Have the one you desire share this drink with you," the old herbalist cackled, "and the one will desire you just as much."

Piandao was more disturbed by the fact that he wasn't disturbed that he'd woken up with June curled around him.

Glancing around to make sure the man in question was out of earshot, Iroh said, "You know, June, you could do much better than Piandao."

Piandao looked at June and asked carefully around the food in his mouth, "What by all the spirits did I just put in my mouth"

With every shallow, wet breath she takes, the dagger in her back trembles, and she is so still, and the fact that it was meant for him thrusts the guilt further in.

As he wondered whether she would live or die, Piandao found himself between what exactly he would do if she lived or died.

"Piandao, if Iroh tries anything at the wedding, I swear - I love you, but I swear heads will roll."